Top menu button >> Latest run >> Warnings >> Unable to find commission tier

If you get the Unable to find commission tier warning that means that a tier (%) was imported that is not setup as a tier in the commission group. RPM cannot calculate commissions for this new tier until the warning is cleared. 

One way to clear up the warning is to change the Tolerance. If this is a new rate you receive for the product(s) in the commission group; below instruction on how to add an additional tier to a commission group. 

The Claimed % shows you what is setup in the schedule and the shows the new tier that needs to be added to the commission group.

Click the Top menu >> Schedules

Choose supplier that has the unknown tier from the dropdown

Click the Commission group that need to be adjusted with the new tier


Click Modify tiers

You can + Add a tier to create the additional tiers. There are different tier options, depending on which one you have setup the screenshot can look different. 

If the tiers are coming in continuously with different percentages you could use the Use catch-all option. This option will allow you to have RPM catch any new tier that is imported and payout a fixed rate on it. 

Click Finish when done.

To clear the commission tier warning you have to calculate. 

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