An account group is a group of accounts to which you can apply a specific commission rule. Rules applied to the account group affect all the accounts in the group making account groups an easy way to manage a large number of accounts. 

Examples of when to use an account group: base transfer, apply legacy rate to a group of accounts, rate that is different from the pay plan, apply different rate for deals that were landed with or without your support. 

*Account groups are not tied to agents rather they apply a rule to an account no matter who it belongs to.

Top menu >> Commissions >> Account groups >> Pick supplier >> +Add an account group

Enter the name of the account group. 

For most, you can choose something generic like ’65% without support’ or 'ICB 50%’. Account groups are account based, this means that you can assign accounts to an account group regardless of what agent it is tied to if the sales rate you would like to apply the same.  

Edit Rules is where you setup the sales rate % of the group. 

Commission rate options

  • One rate for the whole account group: most commonly used. Set the sales rate % you would like to apply to all products sold for this supplier. 
  • A modified schedule: select specific commission groups to apply a different sales rate %.
  • A pay plan: choose a pay plan you have setup to apply to accounts in this group. 
  • No special rules: remove all commissions rules of the group.

One Rate for the Whole Account Group

Enter your Gross (optional) amount and the Agent amount. Make sure you change of net billed into gross comm if required by choosing this value from the dropdown, click Finish.

A Modified Schedule

Click + Add

Choose the commission group from the dropdown and enter the Gross rate (optional) and Sales rate, click OK. Repeat this process if you want to apply adjusted rates for other commission groups. When done you have the option to use the schedule for the other commission groups (default) or enter a new rate for the other commission groups for this supplier. 

When done click Finish

A Pay Plan

Choose a Pay plan from the dropdown that you would like to apply to the accounts assigned to this account group. When done click Finish