Splits are a commission rule that will also compensate reps other than the actual selling rep (primary). Splits are setup by adding any number of split participants to an individual account or account group. Unlike referrals, the split allocates some of the net billed and gross commission to each participant. A split literally splits the line item in the split percentages that are setup. 

Example: if the Net Billed is $100 and the Gross Comm. is $30, after a 50/50 split you now have 2 identical line items with a Net Billed of $50 and a Gross comm. of $15. After the split the pay plan will calculate the sales rate. A lot of times this raises questions with your agents as they wonder what happened with the Net Billed number. A different way of paying multiple agents for the same account and more commonly used is a referral.

Top menu >> Commissions >> Account groups 

To add and account group click +Add an account group 



Enter the name of the account group.


Click + Add split

Select an Agency from the dropdown, Next. Be aware that the selling rep has to be a split participant in order for the split to calculate. 

Click on the Rep's name

Split percent: enter the number.

Note: optional.

Click Finish when done.

Repeat these steps for additional split participants. 

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