Why use the same value for Assignment Code & Account number?

Assignment Code & Account value

To set up the upload matrix a user has to populate the ‘Assignment Code’ and ‘Account’ fields with the appropriate Excel column headers. In most cases, the same value is used (mapped from the commission spreadsheet, column headers), which is typically a numerical value such as: Account Number, Account #, Order Number, Unique Customer Number.

What is the difference between a Assignment Code and an account?

A Assignment Code is used to identify which agent to pay whereas an account number is a number to identify a customer. A Assignment Code can potentially contain/represent multiple accounts if it is being setup as such.

Why do we use the same value?

The main reason is that if you rely on the supplier for a unique Assignment Code that you have assigned to one of your agents or sales staff that if the supplier data is incorrect you will pay the agent in RPM incorrect. If you discover this while your run is still open you need to trash the data, correct the spreadsheet with the commission data and re-import. You cannot fix this within RPM as the account cannot be moved from the incorrect to the correct agent because the Assignment Code is incorrect.

If you use the same value for Assignment Code and account you do have the option to move the account from one agent to the other. There is no need to trash the data or correct, you can correct it in RPM. Besides that by doing it this way, you as a user, have control over which accounts are assigned to what agent. This is a better scenario than leaving it up to the supplier.

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