Item and product variables in RPM are custom fields that attach to commission items in RPM they are used to bring in commission data under a field that RPM may not have by default. They give you flexibility when it comes to the numerous sets of commission information that you may want to bring in.

After adding a commission variable they will then become fields you can map on your import matrices and transfer.

Top Left Menu > Commissions > Commission Variables

Usage - Item Variables

Supplier commission statements can contain many column headers with various information that RPM's default matrix does not cover. If there is any other column you would like to bring in you can do so by adding/creating the item variable that then appear on the import matrix. Some suppliers provide additional information that can be helpful to report on such as: Term, Billing month, Install date, address, Circuit ID etc.. 

For instructions on how to add item variables, click here.

Usage - Product Variables

There are cases where the supplier provides you with a product column with generic product names (eg: MRC, LD, Usage) as well as a column with either a code or some other variable that breaks down the product. Product variables allow you to combine multiple columns from a spreadsheet import or commission transfer to create one product. If you have a commission structure that takes these codes or other variables in consideration you can use this value by bringing it in as a product variable / by creating a product variable. RPM will now use both the product and the variable and creates a new product with the data.

For instructions on how to add product variables, click here.


Item 1:

Original Product: MRC

Product Code: Internet

Item 2:

Original Product: MRC

Product Code: Internet - 100MB

After importing the data RPM will create 2 products: ‘MRC Internet’ and MRC Internet - 100MB’ Allowing you to not only audit each product accordingly if needed (if you receive a different % for them) but also pay out a different rate for the product if desired.

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