Top menu >> Setup >> Click process >> Field groups tab

Based on field value(s) or status level, other fields can either be shown or hidden, this is called a field group.

Field Groups Controlled by a Single Value

For example, when Option 1 is chosen in the List Field the field Show this field for Option 1 Value will populate.

To set this field group up, first create the field and list options that will serve as the value triggers. Click the Field groups tab and then + Add a field group.  

Name the Field group (it is helpful to align the name of the Field group according to its functionality in order to keep Field groups organized and their function known on the Field template) and pick the field or status level that the Field group will be Controlled by. 

Add the Value trigger for the field group and choose the Effect, either Shown or Hidden. Click Finish.

Field groups will be listed in the Field group view. 

Attach the Field group to the field(s) desired to be controlled by the Field group, by editing the field and choosing the field group name from the drop down list. 

If a field is controlled by a Field group, the name of the Field group will be displayed under that field's name. 

Field Groups Controlled by Multiple Values

Field groups can also be designed to be triggered on multiple values or status levels. For example, consider the Multi select list field. If Option 2 or Option 3 are chosen, the field titled, Show this field for Option 2 or Option 3 will be shown. 

The only different setup option from the above description is to add the multiple options that will trigger the effect to other fields.