An adjustment is a direct manipulation of the commission data and totals in RPM. An adjustment is a one-time charge that only affects the commission run it is done in. Adjustments are commonly used for situations such as: an upfront payment, a correction for previous month, a loan, a spiff or a chargeback. 

If you have a lot of adjustments you can import them rather than entering them 1 by 1. 

Top menu >> Commissions >> Latest run >> Adjustments >> Import adjustments

Under the ...More drop down. Click Import. This will open a wizard that has a Blank import file available.

Click on Import Adjustments, this will open a blank import file that you can use to import adjustments. 

You can now populate the excel spreadsheet and save it on your computer. To import the file you use the same import button this time you click Choose file

Select the file and then click Upload.