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A deposit is the amount of an actual payment from a supplier. Deposits are tracked in RPM so they can be compared to the gross commission from the supplier commission data.

Ideally the total amount of the deposits from a supplier in a commission run should match the total gross commission from a supplier. In reality there are often differences and these should be tracked down by the staff users and accounted for with the supplier adjustments

To import your deposits: click Deposits

When you click on Import a page will open that shows a blue link Import Deposits, clicking this link will open an excel template that you can use to import deposits with.

How to import the excel template


When you have finished adding the deposits to the excel deposit import template and saved the file on your computer you are ready to import. Using the same Import button on the deposits page, click Choose File this time and browse to the deposit import file on your computer. 

Select the file and click open or double click.

To finish click Upload.