A product variable can be used to make what would otherwise have been a single product into multiple products. These products can then be assigned to different commission groups in the schedule. 


Product variables can provide a ton of control over commission payout structures in RPM. By combining multiple different columns on your import matrix/transfers to create a unique product in RPM you can then use commission groups to set detailed commission payouts. 

A product variable can be used for the bases of a variable based tier structure

Top menu >> Commissions >> Commission Variables


Click Add a product variable

Variable: Name of variable can be entered here

Security: For Staff only to see or Not hidden for agents. When you choose Not hidden, the variable will show as a header on the commission statement excel download

Note: Any notes pertaining to the variable

Enforce allowed values: Enter a list of values that it is allowed to have. If someone tries to import a commission item or add or edit a commission item with a different value it will display an error.

Next step is to edit the supplier matrix for each matrix you want to make use of this variable.

Edit the upload matrix

Paste in the name next to the product variable that your created in the matrix. 

Click OK when done. 

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