This report shows the missing accounts from your current run compared to your previous run. There could be multiple reasons for an account to be 'missing' such as the end customer did not pay their invoice or the customer cancelled their contract. A quick note if you have not imported the commission data for one of your suppliers the accounts for that supplier will show as ‘missing’.

** Note: if a supplier pays upfronts (only), the accounts for that supplier will show as ‘missing’ the next month.

Top menu >> Latest run >> Missing accounts

On the Latest run page we are given a quick summary of how many accounts are missing as well as the amount of Net billed and Gross commission from those accounts last run. Click Missing accounts. 

A quick way to know if an account is supposed to have been paid this run, or if it has been cancelled is to check the First run column for when you first started receiving commission for that account. 

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