Basic fields are fields that appear on the following pages: 

  • Agencies
  • Rep
  • Customers
  • Customer locations
  • Account
  • Staff 
  • Suppliers

This feature is used to keep track of information that is not part of the default fields that are available on these pages. They can be used to keep track of banking information, internal ID numbers, contract dates, etc. From the basic fields setup page you can also change the default columns displayed on the All view for the pages listed above.

Top menu >> Setup >> Basic fields

Adding Fields

Select the page where you want to add the field to from the drop down list.

Drag and drop the field from the right side panel into the target area. The section will turn yellow when it is ready to drop

Name the field and you can adjust the text field options if you would likeClick Finish.

Changing Default Columns

Select the page you want to change the default columns for. 

Under the ...More menu >> Default columns for Staff

From here you can add a column or change the column order by dragging and dropping the number on the left side. Click OK to save your changes.