Top menu >> Users >> +Add a staff user

Below the instructions on how to add a staff user. If you do not have a role setup for the user yet you would like to set this up prior to adding the new staff user. 

Click + Add a staff user

Select the Role for the staff user. 

1. Enter the First and Last name of the Staff user.

2. You can click From name and RPM will create a username or you can create your own. 

If you want to enable the Staff user to log on you can choose to Invite by email (default) >> enter the email address. Finish

This will send an email to the user with a link in the body of email that will allow them to create their own password and log on to your RPM. 

If you want to create the password for the user or you do not want to enable the user to log on:

1.  Select Manual password from the dropdown.

2. You can create the password. 

3. Select Enabled if the users needs to log on and Disabled if the user is not going to log on. 

Finish when done.

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