Every staff user will be assigned a role that defines their privileges. Privileges define what staff users have access to in your RPM and can be setup differently across each individual role. This means that staff users have the same privileges as other staff users if they share the same role. Privileges allow you to hide or show forms, edit processes, edit or read commission data. 

Note: Only System Manager users have access to Staff Roles

Top menu >> Users >> select the Staff roles tab

Click + Add a role

Role: enter the name of the Role.

Copy privileges (Optional): you can copy the privileges from another existing role or leave n/a to start with default privileges.

Privileges: you edit the privileges that the role has access to. This includes the ability to Setup Process, Add users, download excel files for reports, etc.  

Staff: choose Staff users you would like to move to this role. 

Process: in this section you can a add processes you would like the users of this role to see or edit. 

See below for setup instructions. 


Click Edit.

You can copy from an existing Role or you can manually adjust each Privilege depending on how much access you want this Role to have.


Staff users can be moved from their existing Role to a different Role.

Click Move to this.

Click on the Staff user's name to complete the move.


Click Edit.

There will be a drop down list of your Processes that you can add to this Role. Once the Process is added, you can edit the permissions for the Process. Click OK when you are done.