Super user
This user is the administrator of your subscription and is able to see and do everything; you typically only need one of these.

Staff user
If granted all privileges this user is able to see and do everything in the database except setting up roles and modify privileges. It depends on the role you create and the privileges you define for this user what they can see or do. This user can not be commissioned.

Agency manager 
Can see commissions for all the reps and adjustments or referrals the agency receives. You can modify the information visible to the Agent Mgr in the Permissions web box on the Agency page.

Rep user
Can only see commissions that belong to the Rep and any processes that the rep is a participant of. User can start processes such as quotes. commission inquiries or orders. 

Customer user
The customer end user that the product or service got sold to. A customer user can read, edit or start processes. This login does not have a commission module  


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