When you receive commissions from a Master Agent that also uses RPM, if they provide you with manager login credentials you can use this to setup a commission transfer. The commission transfer allows you to transfer the commission data each month from your Master Agent's RPM into yours with just the push of a button. 

Top Menu >> Import data

On the Import data page click + Transfer.

Make sure to transfer the month you are currently working on, it defaults to the latest run that is available from your master. 

When ready to transfer click Finish.

RPM will tell you if the transfer was successful or not. Click Done.

The Buffer page is used to review items that you are about to transfer. You can Finish all or Finish items for each supplier individually. You can also Erase the items from transferring over.

The transferred items will stay in the buffer until they are Finished. You can come back to the Import Data page to see all the items in the buffer.

Click Done.

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