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This feature allows you to compare a value from a process, typically the MRC in an order, to a value that is provided by the supplier, typically the Net Billed. Reconciling will help you identify if your supplier is paying you (correct) on the orders you have submitted with them.

From the Commissions page click Reconcile

Select the process which you would like to reconcile with. 

If nothing is showing here you need to Turn on Reconcile for Process

Click Setup


Click Edit in the Conditions box

1. For the condition setup you need to select the equivalent reference field from the process in the dropdown list as shown in the screenshot, 1.

2. For the account condition you need to select Yes for the supplier you would like to reconcile on and select the account number field from your process.

Click OK when done.

Reconcile settings

Click Edit.

1. Earliest run: pick a starting run from when you would like to reconcile, this could be 3 years ago for example.

2. Status levels: select status levels you want to reconcile on. You can exclude certain statuses as there is a good chance that if the forms reside on that status they typically do not get paid yet. 

3. Include archived forms: select if you want to include archived forms or not. 

4. Compare values: select Yes if you want to compare values from your (order) form with the one from your commission statement.

5. Item value: Select which value you would like to compare; typically the MRC from the order is compared with the Net Billed from the supplier commission statement.

6. Money field: Select a Money field from your order you would like to compare. 

7. Tolerance: You can set either a percentage % or cash amount. If the difference is within the set tolerance the item will show as Correct. 

Click OK when done. 


Click Edit to select the ones you want to see on the reconcile page.

Click + Select columns

You can add any column by selecting it from the various dropdown sections. 

Click Add after you make a selection. 

Click OK when done.

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