Each account is from a single supplier and is defined by an account number. Customers can have any number of accounts.

Account numbers are unique per supplier. That means there can't be more than one account with the same number for a given supplier. Account numbers can contain any mix of letters and numbers including leading zeros. 

When you receive a commission statement you will have to map a column header to the account in the Import matrix. This could be an: account number, order number, order ID, BTN. Any (preferably) numerical value that will be the account in your RPM. In other words: you decide what the "Account" value will be. 


  • Accounts (or customers, reps) with a commission history cannot be trashed. 
  • Accounts cannot be archived.


  • Accounts are an integral part of commissions in RPM, every commission item must have an account.

  • An account is a unique relationship between a customer, a supplier and a subscriber. 

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