If an agency or sales partner hires a new manager or someone to audit their existing commissions, they can be setup as a new manager on the agency. Alternatively, you can add a manager if you plan to allow transfers from your RPM subscription to another. Only a manager profile has permission to enable transfers. If this person is already a rep you can make this user Also a manager.  

Top menu >> Agencies >> Agency >> +Add a manager

Click on the Agency you want to add a manager for. 

Click Add a manager

Enter their First and Last name.

The manager is also a rep: check this off if the user will receive regular commission from directly assigned accounts.

Sales commission: hide or show the sales commission for this user.

If you want the agent to be able to log on, you can choose to Invite by email and enter in their email address. Inviting by email will enable the user to login and you will start accruing a monthly charge for them. Checkmark the confirmation then click Finish. 

This will send an email to the agent with a link that will allow them to create their own password and log on to your RPM. 


If you do not want your agent to log on or you would like to create a custom username and password, choose Manual password from the dropdown. If you do not want them to login, ensure Enabled is set to No. 

Click Finish when done. 

A unique username is required warning can happen with the automatically generated username (combination of first and last name). Usernames are shared across all RPM subscriptions and someone else could already be using that username. You can modify the username however you see fit by either removing part of the first or last name or simply adding numbers to the name. 

Click Finish when done.