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The primary purpose of commission schedules in RPM is to be used for commission calculation. A secondary benefit is that agent users can use RPM to view their commission schedules. This is fine in most cases except that sometimes the schedule that is required to calculate commissions is different from the schedule agents will use to sell new products. There could also be cases where the commission schedule is being used to handle commission complexity that is beyond the needs of agent users.

**Hiding the commission group does not mean the item is hidden from the agent.


  • When there are commission groups that are used for unique situations that don’t apply to most agents 
  • Use: When there are commission groups that are required to calculate residual commissions, but won’t be used for new sales.

Click on the name of the commission group you want to hide

Click Hide from agents

The schedule page will have a black bar showing Hidden from agency users under which the commission group will reside.

To reverse and show the commission group

Click on the commission group

Click Unhide from agents