Top menu >> Calendar

The calendar feature can be used to show actions for users, date fields from processes or commitments. In this section we will cover the User actions and Process calendars. 

Select Calendar from the top menu.

Click + Add a calendar

There are 2 sections: User action and Process calendar

User action calendars

Click the user type you would like to see actions for

Select a staff user from the dropdown.

Click Next

Select a color.

Click Finish when done. 

Process calendars

Click a process you would like to see a date field for in your calendar.

Date: Select a date field from the dropdown. These are the date fields from the process you selected in the previous step. 

Exclude status levels: exclude statuses you do not want the date field to show for.

Access: Share the calendar with other staff users if you want.

Color: select a color.

Click Finish when done.