IN RPM 24 MASTER ID has now been renamed to Bypass Code, please redirect to this page for an updated article.

A master ID is a code that may represent various different things from regions to contracts. This code can be any column on your import spreadsheets/transfers. Commission items can have a master ID imported in the commission data, or a Rep ID can be assigned to a master ID. 

Master IDs can be assigned to accounts groups, making it easy to apply a special rule only when the Master ID is imported. 

A good example of usage of the Master ID would depends on each set of data coming into RPM, but think of it like a value on each row that you can use to set a special rate or payout. Region being a common usage, or if you wanted to group a set of commission items for internal staff. 

Adding a master ID

There are two ways to add a master ID:

1. Automatic: When RPM imports a new master ID it adds it to the system (upload matrix setup).

2. Manual: On the details page of a supplier click Add a master ID