You can customize the default columns that you will see when you click into a Commission Items View. This will change the default for all Staff users that have permission to view Commission Items. 

Top menu >> Commissions >> Default columns

In the Commissions menu click on Default columns.

Click Add a column to add additional field to View. 

There will be a side panel that will open up that will allow you to search for specific fields. You can fields such as addresses, Comm. Groups, and Notes. 

You can always Reset to default if you do not like the changes you have already made. 

Columns can be Removed if desired or you can also Remove all to start fresh. You can change the position of the columns by dragging and dropping them up or down from this page by hovering your cursor next to the Number on the left side. Note: You cannot move or remove the item ID.

Click OK at the bottom when you are done. 

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