Who Changed That?

(Release date: May 3, 2015)



This short development cycle focused on accountability.


  • No more wondering who changed fields, workflow, or last edited a custom layout. It’s all tracked now.

  • Trash a form? History of all trashed forms is now available; forever.


And we also did a few other things:


  • Improvements on handling image size on custom layouts.

  • Ability to choose the field you want to search in a process directly from the dashboard.

  • New style option for Process View widget.

  • Various RPM Telco bug fixes. 


Technical Discussion


  • Edits made to the setup of a process are logged and recorded under the new History tab on the Setup page.

  • The edit history of any trashed form will be stored. To view edit history of deleted forms, you must have the setup privilege. “Deleted forms” are located under “Usage” on the setup page.

  • The Process Search widget now includes a drop picker which allows the user to choose the type of search they want directly from the dashboard. 

  • The Process View widget now has the option to be rendered with the same style as the Process Start Link widget.