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Accounts are typically created by the commission import however there can be a need to mass import your accounts for certain occasions. If you are using the "Assigned Reps" method of assigning accounts, you can use an Account import to mass update Rep assignments. 

The account import requires a template which is attached to this article and also available from within your RPM subscription. 

From the accounts page click More >> Import.

Click the blue link Import accounts which will open the excel template needed to import your accounts. 

**Do not move the column headers in different positions as the import will fail. You can add any account basic fields to the end of the account import excel to import into basic fields.

When you are ready and have saved the import file you can use the Import button on the accounts page and then select the file you want to upload.

Click Upload.

If the accounts already exist, you will have to option to "Leave intact" or "Overwrite" existing data. If there is data in a field, "Leave intact" will not change any information and will only fill in blank fields. "Overwrite" would allow you to change existing data which would be used if you are trying to mass update information (ie. Agency/Rep assignments). 

Select one of the options and then click Import.