Actions are like your reminders in Outlook or Gmail. You can add actions on the fly or have action triggers setup that fire automatically when a certain status level is reached, prior to, on or after a certain date. There is also 'Action types' which allow you to add conditions to an action. 


Actions can be added from a form (eg: order, opportunity) and is essentially a reminder. If you do not see the +Add an action button and you want to add an action for another staff user, you need to add the user as a participant to the form first. 

When adding an action you can set the date, the action to be taken, assign it to someone else (if required), set priority and security. 

Action triggers setup

Top menu >> Setup >> click on process you want to setup action trigger for >> Workflow tab

Automatic actions can be created when a status level is reached (immediate) or x amount of days after a status level is reached. Another option is the date field reminder action which allows you to automatically send out an action prior to, on or after a date field to the owner, starter or specific staff user.

Click + Add an action trigger 

Click any of the following 3 options:

  • Status level immediate
  • Status level change, reminder
  • Date field reminder

In the screenshot below the Date field reminder option was selected. 

1. Create on date field: Add the amount of days you would like the action to fire either before or after the date that is populated. 

2. Select a date field from your process.

3. Status: Select a status, if any, you would like the form to be on. 

4. You have the option to add a user as a participant only (without an action).

5. Type: select type of action. How to setup action types: Click here.

6. Action: Describe the action (eg: follow up with customer).

7. Assignee: select the user who you want to assign the action to.

8. Due: add the amount of days the user has to complete the action.

9. Priority: normal or high.

10. Security: visible to staff only or all users.

11. Field conditions: add a additional condition for the action to fire (eg: only fire action if carrier is CenturyLink). 

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