Preferences allow you make changes on the appearance of data in your RPM, as well as measurements. Changes in preferences are for your login only, and will have no impact on anyone else. For example you are able to change how many items are displayed in a view per page,  from as little as 10 per page to as many as 500.  

You can change your preferences by clicking on your name on the top right of any page and then clicking Preferences after. 


This section allows you to change:

  • Date and time format - Allows you to set the format of date for places where dates are displayed eg, processes and reminders. 
  • Items per page - Allows you to increase or decrease the amount of items displayed per page. 
  • Sorting - Is broken into two sub sections, when a view is sorted by accounts, or assignment codes it will sort alphabetically, While when sorting by date it will default to newest on top.  
  • Units - Allows you to change the units of measurement for processes. 

Default views

This section allows you to set your own custom default view for pages or processes. (Click HERE to learn how to create custom views).

The view you select will replace the 'All' view. 

Date & time

Select the time zone that you are in. 

Email notification

You can add your email address here for notification that you can turn on or off. 

You can also block notifications for processes. 


This allows you to enable your RPM to print to a label writer. 

Please note, this feature is still being tested and may not be available for all devices.