Add folders to a process to keep you files organized. For example, if you are tracking occupational health & safety incidents, you may want to setup folders to keep Witness Statements, Incident Pictures, and Police Statements organized. Or you may want to setup folders to keep the different link types organized. For example, you may want to setup difference folders to house your Google, DropBox, and Box links. 

To add a folder to a process, go to setup. 

Add a folder by clicking the _*+ Add a folder*_ button. 

Enter the name of the folder.

Choose from the drop down menu the type of _*Files allowed.*_ _*Single with versions*_ will only display the latest file/link that has been added to the folder. _*Multiple*_ will display all the files/links that have been added to the folder. 

Lastly, choose if adding a file/link is required or not.