This feature can be used when you do business with a master agent that sends you commission data for all suppliers in one spreadsheet. The multi-supplier import allows you to import that spreadsheet and RPM will import the commission data to the corresponding suppliers you have setup in your subscription. 

Top menu >> Commissions >> Multi-supplier import setup

Click + Add a multi-supplier import. 

1. Enter the name of the import (suggestion: name it after the master agent).

2. Enter the column header name from the commission data (spreadsheet) that has the supplier names in it. 

3. Click OK

Multi-supplier import alias

In order for RPM to be able to recognize the supplier name from the spreadsheet the name need to match exactly. You can either update the supplier name or you will have to add the name as it is spelled in the commission data as a multi-supplier import alias as in some cases the supplier names from your master agents are setup in your subscription with names that will show you which master agent is used (eg: CenturyLink_T). 


You need to navigate to the supplier page >> Imports & transfers tab to setup the alias.

Click: +Add an alias.

Enter the Alias, select the Multi-import (can be more than one) and then select the Matrix

Click OK when done. 

If you get this error while attempting to create an alias it means that somewhere in your list of suppliers is a supplier with the same name as the alias you're trying to create. You can get around this by placing a symbol in the existing supplier or by changing the supplier name. Make sure to look in the archived list of suppliers as well. 

When you are setup for all your suppliers you are ready to import your multi supplier commission data.

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