Multi Supplier Import

This is an exciting feature for all subscribers that use a master agent and receive 1 commission spreadsheet from them each month. This new feature will allow you to import the spreadsheet without having to create individual ones for each supplier. You also have to option to create 1 'master' spreadsheet in which you paste all your supplier data and use this as your main import sheet saving you time on importing each supplier separately. Please click HERE for setup instructions for the multi-supplier import. 

File improvements

  • In addition to the existing files uploaded to RPM, you can now link files hosted on other services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • File folders can be added as columns to list files in the views. Attached file downloads and the new links both work from the view.

New formula field

The formula field now allows for free form formulas including more than two inputs, numerical constants, and brackets for order of operations. Inputs can now include fields within tables to get sums and averages from tables in formulas outside the table.

Table field improvements

  • Label rows can be used as headers for grouping defined table rows.
  • Label columns allow for fixed text within tables. Defined row tables can have different text per row.
  • While viewing or editing a table field the field can be expanded to use the full screen.
  • Download individual tables as an Excel file.
  • Update free row tables by import.


  • Label rows are also available in list, list (multi), and yes/no list type fields for grouping options.
  • Field names can now be up to 200 characters long.
  • Dubai added to countries.


  • New endpoint ActionEdit for creating and editing actions by API.
  • New endpoint ProcViews to get a list of views.
  • Form responses now include an 'Archived' property.

Version notes

  • Old formula fields will function normally for one version, but must be replaced with new formula fields. The next version of RPM will remove any remaining old formula fields.