You can allow Customers to log into your RPM to check their Orders or Trouble Tickets by enabling them as a Customer User. 

From the customer page click Edit for the contact you want to give access to. 

Top menu >> Customers >> Select a Customer

Click + Add a contact


You will need to enter in a First and Last name as well as any additional information for the Contact. Click OK when you are done.

From the Contact Page under Sign in, click on Add a customer user.

If you want the customer user to log on you can choose to Invite by email (default) and enter their email address. This will send an email to the user with a link in the body of the email that will allow them to create their own password and log on to your RPM. 

If you want to create the password for the user or you do not want your customer to log on (yet), choose Manual password from the dropdown. Enabled is their ability to log in. Set it to Yes or No. Check off the acknowledgement box. Click OK.

For Existing contacts, you can either click into the name of the Contact or use the more options button to create a sign in for them.

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