Top menu >> Customers 

You can enable a customer user for the end customer to log on and access processes such as: Orders or Trouble Tickets. 

You need to create and enable a customer user to give them access to your RPM. 

From the customer page click Edit for the contact you want give access. 

Click +Add a customer user

If you want the customer user to log on you can choose to Invite by email (default), enter the email address. Finish. This will send an email to the user with a link in the body of the email that will allow them to create their own password and log on to your RPM. 

If you want to create the password for the user or you do not want your customer to log on (yet), choose Manual password from the dropdown.


You can create the password and select Disabled. 


Finish when done. 

At any time you can edit the contact and Trash or Disable the user

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