Default columns allow you to set the displayed data on a process for all user types when using the default Active view. Default columns are unique to each process. 

Top menu >> Setup >> Select Process 

When in the process, select the user type you would like to adjust the default columns for. 

From inside the menu, you can select how the forms are sorted, how table fields are represented, and what will be the primary column. 

To add new columns to the view, click Add a column.

This will bring up the Add a column menu. From here you can select the fields you want displayed for the default columns. You can type in a specific field name using the top Find column... search bar or navigate through the sections.

Once you have selected the columns you want, you can reorganize the order the columns will appear by dragging and dropping the number to where you would like it on the list.

Once The columns are in the order you like click OK to save the change.

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