Top menu >> Agencies or Top menu >> Setup

The Agency settings menu can be found on both the Agency page and the Setup page. The page allows you to setup a number of 'defaults' for different user that you add to your subscription as well as custom naming for agencies and reps.  

Click Agency settings

(Setup page)

(Agencies page)

  • Manager users: Customer contact security >> read, hidden or edit. 
  • Rep users: Customer contact security >> read, hidden or edit.
  • Rep transfer: options in regards to what happens to the account security for the original Rep when an account is transferred to a different Rep.
  • New agency defaults: various options in regards to defaults for any new agency you add to your subscription.
  • New agency user defaults: when you add a new agency do you want the sales commission to be hidden or not?
  • Custom naming: custom name your Agencies and Rep naming (eg: Sales partner, Consultant, VAR).