The Rep access is automatically granted to an agency user if they are assigned a commission item for the account. However this can be modified to give additional reps access to review accounts. This is useful if you have an agency who also has sub agencies with you, to whom you payout commissions to directly. When you transfer an account to a different rep, the access for the previous rep is automatically removed.   

**Note: Adding Rep access for a rep does not mean the rep is getting sales commission for the account, it means the rep has access to (view) the account.

Top menu >> Accounts 

Add rep access

Going into the account you wish to change access for, click +Add rep access, in the Access section under reps.  

Select an agency using the drop down menu. 

Once the agency is selected, click Next.

On the following screen, select the rep whom you wish to grant access too, by clicking their Name

Once their name has been click, you will be taken back to the account, and you can verify the person has been added to the access list. 

Remove rep access

Removing access is used if you have temporarily given someone access to an account, and now want to remove the permission. 

Going into the account you wish to change the permission for, click Edit rep access, in the Access section of Reps.  

Use the Remove link to the right of the agency to remove the rep from the account access . 

The rep will still be present and can be re-added in case the wrong person was removed. To save the change click Finish.

Back on the account screen, you can now verify the persons access has been removed. 

**Note: A rep will automatically be given access to an account and customer if they have received a commission for them. The rep will also retain access until the account and customer is reassigned and pays a commission to the new rep.  Reps will still retain access for historic commission items, but not be able to view the account any longer unless rep access is granted.

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