RPM Telco adds a layer of organization on top of the most popular cloud-based file storage services. This way mission critical documents and files are always just one click away. 

RPM Telco supports services like Google Drive, box.com, Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.

To add a link to a form click + Add a link located in the Files box. 

Enter the Name and Url for the link. 

If necessary, add more links by clicking + Add more links.

When finished, click Next. On the next page you can add a note and choose the folder (if applicable) for all of the links you have just added. 

Click Finish and the links are now added to the form. 

Files/Links in the View

You can add links to the view by choosing the (files) columns located under Files in view edit or default column setup.

The files/links will be displayed in the view and the user can click directly from the view to either download the file or view the link.