You have the ability to adjust all the variables on a commission item. This is handy when you discover an error made by the

Supplier and you want to avoid having to trash the import (or item) and create it again. It can also be used to adjust the Sales commission on a single commission item that is incorrectly paid out. 

Click on the Item ID.

Click Edit

You can change the Account number or the Assignment code if there was an Assignment code previously assigned to it.

The Product can be change to another product from your existing product list. Sales commission can be Calculated normally or be adjusted to payout your Agent differently by clicking the Adjust item button. Enter in the rate and it will adjust the rate that is applied to the commission item. Additional variables can be manually added to the item if it was not brought in during the import.

Notes can also be added for your Agents or for just your Staff users. Click OK when you are done making changes. 

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