Version 13 of RPM Telco includes many new improvements and features, please take a minute to learn more. 

Agency Groups

Agencies can be organized into groups. Additionally, to help deal with many agencies, agent managers can be given permission to see the commissions of all their agencies. This includes the forms (eg. Orders, Commission Inquiries) for the agencies that are part of their group.

Click: Agency Group Setup

Interactive Process Breakdown Widget

Click on pie slices, bars, and list numbers of process breakdown widgets to automatically filter the forms you want to view.


Process View Filter Improvements

Filter forms quickly from any view by adding a filter directly from the view page.


Commission Improvements

  • Doing a transfer counts as an agency having seen a commission run.  
  • Commission variable data size increased to 100 characters.  
  • Commission item add/edit improvement to use optional selective calculation for better performance when there are many referrals.