Template settings allow you to change how the Process is displayed. You will also be able to edit the process security settings from this page as well. 

Top Menu >> Setup >> Click on desired process 

Download on the top right of the page provides an XML file that can be used to import a process. This can be useful if you would like to copy an existing process for testing.

Archive and Delete - Archiving will preserve the forms and settings of the process while removing it from the process group and placing it into an archived group. Deleting the process will also delete all forms and referenced data associated with said process.

Display - Allows you to change title of the process forms and how they are displayed on other pages in RPM. Click here for more information.

 General Settings 

Default columns - You can edit the columns on the All view for each user group plus Actions. This will change the All View columns for all users of that user type across the board.

File Folders - Determines the name of each folder shown on each form. They can be used to sort the different files you upload to the forms.  Click here to learn more.

 Files - Any file or link placed in here will be shown on every form started from this process.

Layouts - layouts are HTML and CSS based reports that can pull data directly from a form and display it in a more presentable fashion for customers or others. This is commonly used to display clean quotes once an opportunity is filled out. Click here to learn more.