You can use a List Field when the choices for the data in response to a field are fixed and you only want your users to select from the list of options.

There are two options for list fields: Single select and Multi select.

Single Select

A Single select field only allows the user to select one choice from a fixed list of options.  

To setup a Single select list field, choose the List field from the Add fields menu and drag it into the template. 

Name the field and choose Single select, click Next. 

From this page you can add the options or labels for the list field. Labels can be used as headers/separator for your different list options.

Color indicators can be assigned to the list options for added clarity. The Show checkbox would allow you to hide options if you not longer want your users to select them. 

Note: Options that have been used/selected on a form cannot be removed. The only option would be to uncheck the Show checkbox to hide the option. 

When you are finished with the setup of the list field click, Finish. 

Multi Select

A Multi select list field allows the user to choose multiple values from a list.

To setup a Multi select field choose the List field from the Add fields menu and drag it into the template.

Name the field, choose Multi select, and then select the Render style. Selecting List will render the options vertically. Inline will render the options horizontally. When initial configuration is complete, click Next.

From this page you can add the options for the list field. Click add Options and/or LabelsAdd the option(s) you want for your list field in the Options text box. 

Click Finish.

The Multi select list field has now been created.