When you are working with data that uses a unit of measurement, you can add a Measurement field to your forms. There are different types of measurement units to choose from.

The following list details the different types of Measurement fields and their contained units:

Length (small) - mm/cm/in
Length (medium) - m/ft

Length (large) - km/mi
Pressure - kPa/psi
Area - mm2/cm2/in2
Weight - kg/lbs
Force - KdaN/lbf
Density - kg/m3/lb/gal
Flow - m3/min / gal/min
Temperature - C/F

Volume (small) - cm3/ml/in3/oz US

Volume (medium) - m3/L/ft3/gal US/bbl US

Volume (large) - 10m3/ML/Mcf

When you are filling out a form, there will be a down list next to the field that will allow you to select the available units based on the measurement field type. 

All Measurement field units are available to be added to a view. The values will be automatically converted to the other units available for the measurement field type.