Sometimes you run into a situation where you haven't imported or transferred all of your commissions for the month yet and are just wondering where did I leave off?

The best way to check is through combination of two view the "no items" view and the "view Imports" view.

No Items View

From the Top Left Menu > Import Data >

View Imports View

From the Top Left Menu > Import Data > More Cog > View Imports

You'll be able to see each import that was made for the current run. You'll also be able to download the file you imported if you ever need to double check what you placed into RPM. From here you can also view each import individually by supplier, this means you can check a Multi-Supplier import by supplier.

Note: The columns are sort-able, you can click them to organize the view in whichever way works best for you. If you combine the A to Z sorting on imports in RPM with the file folder all your commission statements on you'll be able to easily tell what you've imported; assuming everything is organized in one folder.

From here you can view the items and trash them via the current view. This is recommended if you've imported the wrong spreadsheet for the month as it is faster than a deletion through the Trash some items option. 

Note: The Trash these items option will only delete the commission item in the current view, in the example below it will only delete 1 item. Also keep in mind that any new accounts and customers will not be deleted along with the item, if you've accidentally imported a spreadsheet with accounts and customers that should not exist under the supplier you'll need to remove those separately.

Note: The Trash some Items option, found under the Import Data > More cog > Trash some items, is better suited for remove all the items under a single supplier. It will also allow you to delete Rep IDs and Products created by erroneous imports. The Trash some items method of deletion is recommended in cases where completely incorrect spreadsheets are imported under the wrong supplier. 

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