Repeating fields in RPM are sets of fields that can be can be created/copied multiple times for the same form.

This allows you to have a variable amount of data that needs repeating much like in a table field. There are however quite a few differences between the repeating fields and table fields, and each are used for their respective situations. 

Repeating fields are used for when you would like to create multiple sets of data under a single form, for example if you had a Lead that you would want to start multiple Quotes under. A reason you would use repeating fields over table fields in this situation is that you can flow data from a repeating field to a new form. If the Lead decided to go with one of the quotes on the form you can create an Order directly from the quote they chose, which cannot be done through table fields.

To enable repeating fields 

Top left menu >> Setup >> Click on desired process >> Edit Display >> Enable Repeating Fields (8.)

Once this option is checked there will be a section at the bottom of the fields section of the same process. You can now add fields to this section and they will be considered repeating fields. From here you can also change the name of the link that appears when the user can repeat the fields and the permissions needed to add or delete a set of repeating fields.

Note: Fields placed in the Repeating field cannot be passed between the regular field section and itself. There is no way to turn existing fields into repeating fields.

Adding fields to repeating fields is the same as adding fields normally

Repeating fields then appear when you start a new form and on all existing forms. When on a new form they appear as regular fields but will always be at the end of the form. When viewing an existing form the link to add a repeating field will appear near the top of the form.

You can also copy existing sets of repeating fields and any process form flows that are setup will appear here.

You can also trash repeating field sets but only sets after the first. If there is only one repeating field set you can just edit the fields to be blank.

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