What are Commitments?

Commitments are used to identify when an asset or resource such a tool or vehicle has been assigned or is being used. It also identifies the duration of that assignment. With this functionality, you can manage your resource scheduling and reduce or eliminate double bookings.

Set Up

On the booking Process (the process that you will use to identify which resource that will be used) you will need a reference field linking to the master list of the Asset as well as Start and End Date.

Once the necessary fields have been added, edit your Asset field and check the box labeled “Enable commitment reference”

Once that check box has been marked, another field will pop up below it titled Duration.  Choose the Date fields that you had added to the form.

Using Commitments

Start a Process form, you will need to enter in the dates that the asset will be assigned in order to see the list of the assets available. 

A list of available assets will be shown as well as a list that have already been assigned during the time frame indicated.   In the example below, there are no assets that have been booked during that time frame, that means no conflicts will arise.