The Commission Trends widget displays the trends of certain types of commission values over a set time period. 


  1. Net billed
  2. Gross comm.
  3. Payout
  4. Gross profit
  5. Suppliers: Total Number of Suppliers 
  6. Accounts: Total Number of Accounts

Time Period

  1. Months: Last 12: Displays the values from the last 12 months
  2. Months: year to date: Displays values from the current months of this year
  3. Months: previous year: Displays values from the previous year
  4. Years: Displays values over entire years. Depending on the amount of commission runs you've imported into RPM this may not display more than 1 year of data.

Second Series

  1. None: Default option, only Time Period is considered when the widget displays data. 
  2. Year over year: Adds another data line for the previous year. Does not work with the time period of years.
  3. Different Value: Adds another data line for a second set of types. Allows for the display of two types for side by side comparisons.