Our app was designed to help our users enter information when they are not connected to internet service or it is not easy to access the web application. 

Download iOS or Android Offline App

Choose your application – Lighthouse Health & Safety, Cube or Quartz QMS.


For iOS and Android – find the APP store/ Google Play on your Device and search for one of the following depending on the application that you are using

Lighthouse Health & Safety

Cube Data Management System


QuartzQMS – Quality Management System



Click to Install the app.

You will be asked to provide access to Location an Photos/Media/Files – please accept (this will be necessary for forms that ask for location or where you need to include photos)

Logging In

Open the app and you will be directed to the login page. Enter the Username and Password that you use to login to the web version of the application.


Once you have logged into the App you will land on the sync page – allow for the full sync to occur. You DO need to be connected to Wifi or cellular service for this to occur.  If you know you are going to be out of Cellular or Wifi range for the day, you must login and sync before you leave the service area for the app to work. 

Once the full sync has occurred (all boxes are green with a check), click on the X on the top left of the screen.

You will be immediately taken to the Start a Form screen

The top left of the screen is the menu for the app.

Starting a Form

From the Start a Form screen, you can start any form that you need. To start a form, simply click on that form.

At this point you can start entering information in the fields.  Click on each field to enter the information.

Saving a Form in Draft

If you ever need to leave the form or want to save it as a draft to complete later in the day, simply click the arrow on the top left of the screen. This will move your form into the Draft Box.  

To find the Draft Box, click on the App Menu, and then Draft Box.  

When you click on the Draft box, any forms that have not been submitted will appear here.

Adding a Photo With Your 

While in the form, Click on Images on the bottom of the screen.  

Tap on the + sign on the top right of the screen to add an image

You have the choice to Take a Photo or Choose from a photo already in your gallery.

Once you have selected or taken the photo you are able to add a description if desired. Once done, click the back arrow on the top left.

You can add more than one photo.

Click X on the top left once you are finished adding all photos required.

Adding Signatures:

If you have a form that requires signatures ( yours or any other’s), click on the Signature icon on the bottom right corner.

Tap on the + symbol on the top right to add a signature, enter the name of the person signing and then sign in the designated box and Click done. 

You can add more than one signature (for example if you need signatures for attendance etc)

Once you have captured all signatures, Click X on the top left. 

Ready to Submit a Form

The arrow in the top right corner is used to submit the form, click on that button.

If you have any required fields that are missing information, the app will let you know at this time.

Once you have ensured the proper fields and information has been filled out, click on the arrow to submit.

If you are not connected to Wifi or cellular service when you submit the form, the form will move to the Outbox in the App menu. As soon as you are connected, the form will be sent through to the web version.

If the form is set up to share a printable version,  you will see a share button beneath your sent message. 

This functionality is called Quick Share.

Once your form has been sent, you will be able to find it in the Sent box in the App Menu.

The App Menu 

Outbox – where forms sit until you are connected to Wifi or Cellular service to submit to the web version. * You can not make changes to a form sitting in the Outbox

Drafts – where forms that you have started and are still working on or not ready to submit are held.


Sent – where forms that you have submitted held. This will hold forms that you have sent since your last login.

Offline Forms – if your company has forms that you need access to when you are not connected, such as Training records, Safe Work Procedures or Policies they will be found here.

Synchronize Data – The app will sync each time you log in. If you do not logout on a regular basis, it is recommended that you sync the app daily to make sure that you have the most up to date information from your application.

To Sync your app, click on the circular error on the top right corner.  The app will also let you know wen you need to sync your app (ie if there are changes in the web version that your app does not have).

About – this tells you information about App, such as version and your version history. This information is important if you run into issues with the app and need to reach out to support.