Assign a default rep to customers so that any commission items imported under that customer will be attributed to said rep. Assigning a default rep will include all accounts under that customer unless certain accounts have a different assigned rep (see assigned reps for more detail on assigning reps to a specific account). This is useful for situations where a customer is typically sold through one agent or assigned to one agent. 

NOTE: At least one closed run of commission items needs to be processed under the customer/account in order for the agent user to have access to the customer/account page. A default rep does not give the agent permission to view the customer/account page automatically until they receive commissions under it.

Default Rep

Top Left Menu >> Customers >> Click on a customer you want to assign a default rep

To assign a default rep for the customer, click on the pencil. 

To clear the default rep, click on the "X".


To view default reps across customers, add the default rep and Default agency as columns to a view.

Under the commissions section of columns use:

  • Default Rep - Displays the assigned rep on the customer
  • Default Agency - Displays the assigned agency on the customer
  • Default Rep ID - Displays the underlying ID of the default rep on the customer (ID is autogenerated by RPM)
  • Default Agency ID - Displays the underlying ID of the default agency on the customer (ID is autogenerated by RPM)

For more granular reporting, use the following filter under the commissions section:

  • No default rep - Filter on whether there is an assigned default rep for customers

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