To Add a staff user, click the Top Menu Button and choose Users. 

Click + Add a staff user

Choose the Role of the new user (Roles must be created before you can assign users to them). 

 You can choose a salutation from the drop down list if you wish. Enter the first and last name of the new user in the text boxes. Click to create the username from the First and Last name or you can or enter one manually.

If the User is going to have access (be an Enabled user), you can choose to send them an Invite by email or you can manually enable them with a Password. 

To Invite by email, simply type their email address in the Email box. You will need to confirm that you understand, that the cost for the enabled user will be included on this billing cycle (you will be billed for this user as soon as the invite is sent).  Click Finish to add the user and send the invite. 

To give the new User access without sending an Invite, or to create the user in the Staff user list without provided access, you can select to add the user via Manual password.

When you select Manual password, you have the option to use the system generated Password or enter in one of your own choosing.  Once you have decided, keep Enabled as yes and confirm that the charge for that user will be included on your current billing.  Click Finish to add the user. 

If you are not enabling the user, only adding the name to the Staff user list - you will updated Enabled to No and click Finish to add them.

More Information on the User Invite

Once you have added the user, if they are an enabled user you will want to add them to any Staff Groups they should be a part of.