The SPIFF Tracking process allows you to keep track and manage your incoming SPIFFs. You will be able to see which SPIFFs have been paid and which ones are outstanding as well as the history for all SPIFFs received in the past. You can also generate a report that you can use to compare with your commissions and then mark off the ones that have been paid. Each SPIFF would be tracked as it's own form, but you will be able to reference back to the main Order via the reference field. 

Select the Order form and Supplier you are receiving the SPIFF from. If applicable, select the Location Details form as well. Enter in the Eligible MRC amount that the SPIFF will be paid from.

You will be able to select which Agency/Rep that the SPIFF amount will go to. Select the Type of SPIFF as well as the Type of Payout. 

Once the SPIFF has been received, you can enter in the actual amount revived and then mark off the date that it was paid on. Entering in a Paid Date will automatically move the form to the Paid status.

On the Original Order, this SPIFF will show up under the Referenced in section. 

Dashboards and Widgets

Widgets can be used as a shortcut to view Outstanding SPIFFs as well as the Outstanding amount from the dashboard. Using Views to filter for only Outstanding SPIFF, Widgets will be able to generate a Process Breakdown and a Process Sum.