Start a Form From a Process as a Guest User with QR Code

Using a Guest User you can create a QR Code users can scan to start a form in a process. 

The first step is to follow the steps to create a Guest User and Role. Please note, that there is a monthly cost associated with the Guest User.


Select the Process you wish to have started with a QR Code and navigate to the Setup for it. In the Template tab, you will select the Guest user sign-in + start links in the Settings section.

Then you will copy the link provided in that window which you will use to create the QR Code.

Restrictions on Functionality of Processes

There are limitations to a Guest Role that you should be aware of before proceeding. A Guest Role can only enter in information, they are not able to attach any files to the form they are submitting or add a signature. They are also not able to see or select values in fields that reference any other processes within your subscription. Before setting up a Guest Role please ensure the Guest Role will provide what you need it to.  You can reach out to support if you have any questions. 

Start a Form From a Process as an Enabled User with QR Code

Start by copying the start link and bring that to a 3rd party QR Code Creator to create a QR Code. You can then post this QR Code anywhere you need and the user will have to have an enabled login to sign in when scanned to start the process. The start link can be copied from any location a start button appears for the process, below are two examples:

QR Code Creation and Use

The actual creation of the QR Code will be done by any 3rd party QR Code creator. These are readily available by searching for QR Code Creator. This is what you will then post for people to scan and open the process you have set up.

Accessing a Form or Record With QR Code

Putting a QR Code generated from within the system on a piece of equipment or in a certain location will allow you to access records or information that has been entered. 

With a QR Code on a vehicle, you can scan it and open the Vehicle form to access previous maintenance and inspection records.

To create this QR Code, select the vehicle or specific form from a process that you want to provide the QR Code.

Select the Share menu and click on QR Code.

This QR Code can now be printed or saved and posted wherever you would like to access that specific vehicle.

QR Code in Layout

To enable users to view the source form of a layout, add a QR code from the Form information section in the Layout menu.