The agencies process is used to track current and historic agencies you have worked with. This also allows you to track contacts within the agency and your staff members assigned to assist with the agency. 

Top Menu >> Processes >> Agencies 

The following fields will allow you fill in the details for the agency, 

1. Agency Name - The name of the agency

2. Agency Commissions Reference - This field is used if an agency was referred to you by an internal staff member. 

3. Address - If the agency has a physical address, you would enter it here. 

4. City, State, ZIP - for the location details of the address 

5. Sales Rate - This will be used to track your negotiated sales rate with the agency.


In the Contact(s) section you are able to track your contacts within the agency. 

In the last section you are able to select which of your staff members are working with the agency, and in what capacity. 

Once you have filled in the details click Ok on the bottom to save. 

If your partnership comes to an end with the agency, you are able to update the status from active to inactive. To change the status, on the Agency page click the Edit button on the top left. 

In the drop down menu you can select the status Inactive 

Click Ok at the bottom to save the changes.