The commissions reference method when setup for a process allows for the starting of a said process form under an individual commission item. Commission item reference fields will be available to be displayed on the form itself aiding in identifying the commission item referenced. This can be used to make a direct reference to a specific commission item for things such as commission inquiries or trouble tickets. Passing some prudent commission item information into the form itself.

To see all types of setup methods for Commissions on Processes: Visit here. 

Top menu >> Setup >> Select process >> Commissions

Once Reference is selected on the desired process the commission run and commission item fields will be available to be added to the field setup.

The fields are as follows.

  • Commission run: The run in which the commission item is in. A parent field to the commission item.
  • Commission itemThe commission item itself. Requires a commission run field in order to exist.
  • Commission group: The group in which the product of the commission item is placed in.
  • Product: The product of the commission item.

In order to make use of the commission item reference fields the process form must be started from the commission item itself. There will be a Referenced in box with a option to start a form under each process with a commission item reference field.